Bridgewaters Salon & Spa - Your local Aveda Salon & Spa
Whats in A Name?

I am often asked, Why the name? 
Bridgewaters, such and unusual name for a salon and spa. 
But I have a little secret from my childhood. 
A secret place I would go to ease the troubles of the world either thru peace and quiet or joyous laughter. 
A small bridge, just a little ways up the road from my home.   A quiet place, yet so full of life and activity. The tide, fishermen, traffic, and wildlife would quietly come and go. Never to disturb me in my peaceful place. 
I would often imagine myself as the floating buoy floating so peacefully against the rush of the currents around it.  One that could stand the rise and fall of the tide, waves of the storms and never waver in its strength and peacefulness. 
 This was my spot. 
 In my childhood I would plunder under the bridge with my friends as it was cover from the bright sun on hot sunny day, and wait out a rain storm on ones not so great.  We would fish and laugh, ponder life and dream. The revelations and plans made in this very spot are what has brought me here today.   
Anyone who knows me knows I am not a literary person.  I excel at many things, but the english language has never been my strong point.  
Given that, please understand what I am about to share with you is not about correct form or dictation.  The words to follow were drafted from the heart. I have held on to them for years and I would like to share them with you.  
I can not take each and every one of you to this special spot but my hopes are that we can be that special healing spot for your soul.  Some days peaceful and calm and some days full of laughter and antics. I am blessed to work with some of the finest and most talented men and women in the industry. The heart and soul they put into each and every guest that walk in our doors enamors me everyday as they share there talents and help you find the peace and energy I have always found when spending time at the "bridgewaters".

Emily Allmond-Flippin 


The Buoy
I am
I am a lost but i have found my new home.  
In a storm by some or just in the gentle wave of life by others. 
I have found my new resting place, it is home. 
I am in a content state of motion. 
Moving with the changing winds and currents around me. 
I am at peace.  
Here life is calm. 
I can feel the motion of the tide,
but it does not steer  me in the wrong direction. 
It is quiet here.
I  am at one with nature. 
His  beautiful light graces me each morning and leaves me at night. 
Her  rain washes the salt from my hardened exterior and renews my soul.
I am swept away by the tides but my roots are firmly attached to whatever it is that holds me here. 
Its great strength is my foundation
My ropes are tangled on its great pilings
But, This is where I belong.  
A sense of calm surrounds me, just my presence here brings me peace. 
Altho I am at peace in this moment the tides will soon whisk me away once again,
Pulling and tugging at me 
But i will remain, 
I know i  am safe,
Ready for what ever is floated my way.  
I am a lone crab pot buoy, 
Snatched away from my purpose in a  strong tide.

I have found myself here, anchored by whats beneath the surface.  
I am not sure of my stability yet I am calm.  
I have drifted, 
I have made my way here almost as if i had a purpose.
I am home. 

I am awake and alive .
I am warmed by the sun 
I am cooled by the splashes of salted water that gently sooth me in the midst of motion. 
It is quiet here. 
Not in the sense of sound but my soul is still. 
I am surrounded by the energy of the tide. 
I am in a constant state of change.  
Moving and bending with the tide
The calm surrounds me
And envelops my soul.
This is home to me. 
I know that i am taken care of. 
I know my roots are strong.
In this motion i will find out how to move with the changes in life. 
As things change around me i will evolve. 
This is my calm. 
I depend on the bridge.  
It gives me shelter, It really is what holds me here.  
An uniquely designed work of art. 
Each place laid by hand with intent.  
Making a journey a little easier. 
Less stressful 
Adapting to the need for speed and motion yet giving a sense of direction
Guiding soul and body  to places  they may have not  ventured before.
The waters below me are strong. 
They quickly guide me to a better place. 
I  feel calm.
Other than he slight ripple to my sides I  appear still. 
The world is changing around me
I needed a place to just be. 
Refreshed by the winds and tides of change
Not forgetting that they existed but that it was ever changing
Still, but in a contact state of motion.  
I needed the bridge
To ground me and remind me of who I am
I have found my peace beneath it
In the calm of the Bridgewaters.