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The Aveda Earth and Community Care report for 2011 and 2012 was recently published after filing with CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies), an organization that Aveda was the first private company to join in 1989. We hope that you will take time to read this review of Aveda’s progress on its journey into enhanced sustainability. ( Below is a special invitation from Aveda Global President, Dominique Conseil, to learn more.

Dear Friends,

The past decade has been a rewarding journey for Aveda, in spite of the economic uncertainties we have all witnessed, or experienced during this time.

The wonderful news is that Aveda’s belief that economic and ecological goals can be synergistic has gone unchallenged during these adverse market conditions, and we are truly proud of this achievement.

We believe that Aveda’s ability to deliver economic as well as socio-environmental performance in the midst of the devastating recession is a result of our way of doing business, which is exemplified in our approach to product design.  We have no desire to be a “me-too” brand. Instead, we identify compelling global consumer and professional needs in which Aveda’s core values and vision can offer a meaningful base for differentiation.

In a world challenged by stress on natural resources, focusing on innovation, differentiation, and quality is the strategic and responsible approach we choose for our business. We are doing more with less, cutting down the number of new product initiatives, and promoting better stewardship of resources.  We believe that our colleagues, empowered by the Aveda Mission, are growing a culture of innovation simply because when it comes to designing socio-environmentally responsible products, the supply chain offers very few off-the-shelf turn-key solutions.

We celebrate being better today than yesterday, and know that our human engine will take us farther in addressing our sustainability challenges so that we can continue to look forward to tomorrow.

So, I invite you to read our Report at ( and let us know your thoughts on our progress and tell us how you think businesses should act, for the good of the environment, and for us all.

Dominique Conseil
Aveda Global President- 
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